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Protect Your Family Photos with Custom Picture Framing

Family photos are like a window into your past, and they hold immense emotional value. But, over time, the quality of a photograph can deteriorate due to environmental elements such as sunlight, moisture, heat, and dust. Therefore, it's crucial to take good care of your family photos. One solution to protect them is to get them custom framed, which will leave your treasured memories safe for years to come. Keep reading to learn more.

Shielding from Light

Light is the primary reason behind the premature aging of photographs. Consequently, it's recommended to hang photos in low-light areas of your home, away from direct sunlight. The UV rays emitted from the sun can harm the color and quality of a picture, causing it to fade. Custom picture framing can help with the preservation of your family photos as it offers glazing options such as UV-resistant, anti-reflective, and museum glass to protect the images.

Protection from Moisture

Moisture is a severe threat to family photographs because it can cause mold, mildew, and water damage to the images. Therefore, it's essential to keep your photos in a dry environment and avoid basements, attics, and bathrooms, which expose photographs to high humidity levels. The custom framing process includes mounting and sealing the photos correctly, which prevents water or moisture from getting inside the framed picture.

Shield from Temperature Fluctuation

Temperature changes can cause your family photos to crack or peel. Custom framing can protect your images from extreme temperatures as the frames are designed to expand and contract naturally with changes in humidity and temperature without causing any damage to the photos.

Protection from Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt are unavoidable environmental elements that can impact the quality of your photos. They settle onto the photo's surface and get trapped inside the frames, altering the colors of the image permanently. Custom framing can help shield your family photos from dust, dirt, and fingerprints, ensuring your pictures remain in pristine condition. The framing process includes proper backing and sealing materials that isolate the photos from dust and debris.

Displaying Your Family Photos

Family photos are not just memories but also aesthetically pleasing décor pieces. Custom framing can help elevate your family photos into artwork and add something extra to your walls. Discover the range of moldings, mats, and frames to enhance the visual appeal of your family photos. You can even get creative with arranging your photos to create a picture wall or an elegant display that showcases your family's unique history.

Preserving your family photos is a must to ensure that your family history is not lost. By custom framing your pictures, you can protect them from environmental factors and also display them as your treasured family memories. Taking care of your photos is a worthy investment, and by doing so, you can pass down memories to future generations. So, protect your family photos with custom picture framing today!

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