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4 Benefits Of Watercolor Paintings For Nurseries

One of the more exciting parts of planning for the arrival of a new baby is decorating a nursery. Nurseries act as an open canvas for you to hang up décor and designs. One option is to use watercolor paintings for the walls. When you enroll in a watercolor paint course, you have the option to create custom paintings for the nursery.

Check out some of the benefits when you decide to use watercolor paintings for nurseries.

1. Personal Connections

A painting that you make for your child adds a personal touch to the nursery. Every time you enter the nursery, you will see the painting you made. The painting represents your time just before the child arrived and can bring back a lot of memories.

The subject of the painting also adds a personal connection. For example, you could paint your favorite animal or a landscape with a special meaning. As the child grows older, the painting could be passed down to other family members and retain the personal connection to the whole family.

2. Light & Airy Colors

The use of watercolor paints adds a lot of light and airy tones to the nursery. The light colors are easy to match with other common baby products. Items like blankets, stuffed animals, and décor will often use light tones. The watercolors will match the other décor to help fit any theme you use in the nursery.

3. Timeless Quality

A watercolor painting can feature a timeless quality. If you purchased artwork with a specific character or theme, the child may quickly outgrow it. An abstract watercolor painting can remain in the room and grow with the child. You do not need to worry about changing interests. 

If you take different watercolor courses, you could learn about different themes and create multiple designs for the room. Rotate the images in the room to match décor and have painting options for years to come. 

4. Educational Elements

You can also turn a watercolor painting into an educational resource for babies and young children. Simple paintings could include strips of colors. Show the baby each color and describe the colors when the child is young. Include other elements like shapes, letters, or numbers. For example, you could paint the child's name and use the painting to teach them.

Plan ahead to create unique watercolor paintings and have nice design elements for a nursery.